Epic Surf Adventures

Join us for one of our Epic Surf Adventures

With the Epic Packages we will be going on weeklong surf trips (5 days 4 nights) with expert level surf coaches to beaches in Calfornia, Florida, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Each trip will have a Lead Coach that is local to the wave we will be surfing and will guide you through the local pecking order of waves you have been dreaming of riding since you got your first surf magazine. We will have campsites complete with carpeted tents and memory foam sleeping mats, organically cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, healthy, snacks, water and non-alcoholic drinks.


We pick our starting location for this trip depending on the conditions the ocean gives us and what level of surfers we are working with, either with an airport pick up in San Franscisco or San Jose, California.

After settling in at base camp, we will head directly to the water for our first session. Our surf coaches will lead you to a variety of the area's best waves. Work on positioning yourself in the lineup, learn to read different line ups and waves, and work on your maneuvers. We will surf our main break daily and take guided surf trips during the week to the best available waves according the forecast. Our goal is to maximize your wave count so we can focus on improving your surfing technique.

Our coaches will surf with and observe the level you are at to immediately gain an assessment the strengths and weaknesses of each surfer. We will utilize both one on one water coaching as well as video feedback coaching back at base camp after dinner.

Epic Surf Adventure California Package Cost:

$1095 per person Max (6) surfers

Epic Surf Adventure package. This includes 5 day 4 night camping with carpeted tent and memory foam sleeping matt, all transportation to and from airport and activities and surf breaks and all meals, snacks and non-Alcoholic drinks and water also includes video analysis and review sessions along with action photos from the water.


After Airport pickup, you will arrive for your five day for night stay at The Rip House and the world-famous surf break known as Popoyo. We will have daily surf sessions at most of the following surf breaks: La Piedritas, Popoyo main break, Leftovers, Popoyo Outer Reef, The Right, Beginners Bay, and Magnific Rock. All of them are within a 15 min walk or 10 min drive from the house. Heading North, up the beach from the house, leads you to some incredible barreling beach breaks. Our Video coach will capture your waves for us to later analyze in a post surf group session. This enables us to break down your positioning on the wave and your body movements. Video Analysis is one of the most effective tools to use in surf coaching. Seeing your waves on film allows you to visualize and understand what your coaches are telling you in the water and on land.

The package includes one (1) Boat surf adventure to the long point break of Lances Left to the barreling beach break of Playa Colorados or Playa Yankee in San Juan and maybe a little fishing on the way back. The Beach House is a two-story, open air design with 5 bedrooms and 3 bath. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs which are all equipped with air conditioning, fans, and views of the ocean or estuary. Comfortable Queen beds are in each of the upstairs rooms and there are shelves for clothes and places to store your surfboards and equipment. Of the 3 upstairs bedrooms, two share a fully equipped bathroom with a spacious shower. The third bedroom upstairs is a Master, with its own bathroom and shower attached. The rooms all face out onto a massive upper deck and has cozy wrap around couches, day beds, and several hammocks to lounge in and watch the surf between sessions.

The lower level has the remaining 2 bedrooms, both with 2 twin beds in each. The rooms stay much cooler in the day and have fans for each individual bed. There is also storage and shelves in each room to put your personal items.  The windows look out towards the ocean and you fall asleep to the sound of waves every night. The downstairs has one full, big bathroom that the bedrooms share. The two bedrooms face towards a lower patio area with many hammocks and tables to sit at. You can also walk out into the yard and sit in our custom bar and pergola area, or you can walk out onto the beach and go for a swim in the ocean. The whole design of the house and property makes you want to get comfortable and enjoy the ocean view. The kitchen also sits downstairs and is equipped with all new appliances and is accessible to all guests. Our staff ensures that when you're getting ready for our dawn patrol surfs, coffee and smoothies will be waiting to get you fueled up for the days' adventures.  Lunch and dinner is also provided by staff upon your surf return. So just sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy the view!!!

Epic Surf Adventure Nicaragua Package Cost:

$1974 per person Max (6) surfers

Epic Surf Adventure Nicaragua package. This includes 5 day 4 night stay at The Rip House, transportation to and from airport and activities (1 boat trip to other area surf breaks.) and all meals and non-Alcoholic drinks and water also includes video analysis and review sessions along with action photos from the water.

Epic Hawaii

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Epic Costa Rica

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Epic Hurricane Chaser: South Florida

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